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About Us

We Believe in Common Sense

The Back on Track America PAC leadership team is a group of local citizens that have joined together for the betterment of our community. We are working hard to build an organization of support and helpful resources, encouraging concerned citizens to come together and stand strong! We have specific strategies in place to accomplish our purpose, our mission and our goals! We are driven by a desire to live in a nation with law and order. We seek to see all people treated equally and with respect, and we want all people to have the opportunity to prosper and succeed. We believe saving America is worth the fight! Please join us.

Uniting Concerned Citizens
to Restore Our Nation

Our Mission

Our Mission

Lead the fight to preserve God-given rights and liberties of the people
BOTA PAC Train art
Constitution RED.jpg

Our Goals

  • Restore the State’s Constitutional purpose for education

  • Restore limited government according to the US Constitution

  • Protect religious freedom according to the US Constitution

We Need Your Support Today!

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