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Back on Track America PAC encourages everyone to play their part in helping get our communities and nation back on track. The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within, and we want to empower you to take an active role. Learn more about the opportunities available to lend your support.

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Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


Donate In Person

You can make donations in cash or by check at any of our events or mail checks to:

Back on Track America PAC

PO Box 14132

Springfield, MO 65814

Donate Online

Scan this QR code to make a donation safely and securely through PayPal.

QR code to donate to Back on Track America PAC


Thank you for your interest in Back on Track America PAC. We're happy to add you to our email list. We have multiple volunteer opportunities. Please let us know your areas of interest.

1.  Speaking Opportunities
  • At SPS School Board meetings speaking in support of conservative-minded board members and parents

  • At City Council meetings speaking in support of conservative-minded council members and constituents

  • Speaking before state legislative committees

  • Speaking to organizations and friends about Back on Track America PAC


2.  Campaign Support
  • Door knocking—Face-to-face conversations

  • Electioneering—Greeting voters at the polls (impactful for undecided voters)

  • School Car Lines—Handing out voter guides and candidate flyers to parents 

  • Display candidate and issue/ proposition yard signs to vocalize your support

3.  Research
  • Helping to review and recommend school curriculum 

  • Tracking with national and state legislators and bills, helping to get them passed or defeated

4.  Networking
  • Finding new people who want to help 

  • Let us know if you have connections to other organizations—we partner with other like-minded groups

  • Engaging pastors, lay leaders and the church so they are aware of what is happening in the community

  • Posting information on your social media accounts


5.  Fund Raising
  • Be aware of those in your sphere who are like-minded and willing to support the PAC

  • Contacting those who might be willing to donate and send them our way

  • Let us know any fundraising ideas you may have

  • If you are able to donate any amount, thank you!


6.  Other Ways You May Want to Serve
  • On the Prayer Team

  • On the Library Team

  • Running for School Board or City Council

  • Applying to serve on local boards in your area

  • Assist in the planning and promoting of events to educate our community, i.e., host a pastors conference, facilitate presentations on critical race theory, sponsor a Victims of Communism workshop

7.  Non-affiliate Partner Groups
  • We the People of Greene County (WTP)

  • Moms for Liberty (Greene County)(National)
  • Christians Uniting for Political Action (CUPA)

  • Kendall Qualls’, TakeChargeMNgroup to help restore families and two parent homes


Watch for emails from BOTA PAC, posts on our social media and updates to our website for information about upcoming meetings and events. We have begun to make positive changes in our community, but we need your help! Please send us a message to let us know which areas you are willing to help. During election seasons we need a lot of extra volunteers for electioneering, door knocking and working the car lines at our public schools. Give us call or text us at 417-425-1167. We look forward to meeting you. 



Thank you! 


PS>If you know others who would like to be on our email list, please let us know. Please follow us on Facebook at Back on Track America PAC.

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